Lights Dancing

Gouache, tea, and ink on Hahnemühle etching paper with a gently torn edge

Protected with UV varnish. Unframed. Dimension: 8 inches W x 11 inches H / 210mms x 297 mms. © Áine Ní Chíobháin 2022.


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Lights Dancing


This was a fun discovery.  I was painting under a tree and the sun was dappling the page through the branches and leaves.  It was so stunning, so I danced and played with this a little still on a serious sióg (Irish for Fairy spirit) energy vibe.  When I was a child, I used to see sióga all the time when I was out playing in this gorgeous wilderness by ditches and streams. These artworks on high-quality paper are made with playful strokes in gouache and watercolour with spring water.  There are some local flora and wildness from the ditches an díog to be seen too.


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