Hydrangia Come Here I want Ya.

Hydrangia Come Here I want Ya.


‘Hydrangea come here I want ya’.
I will be releasing some limited-release screen-prints as part of my online show on the 20th of June. These are intricate and delicate prints of Hydrangea flowers both real and imagined. I have been working on them for a while to get them ready in time to start blooming in June. They were initially drawn and printed in acrylic ink with @limerickprintmakers
They have been embellished with paint and pen so each one is different. They are fun and bright. They will be released as part of the Artist’s Support Pledge.
They will be €220 each. They come signed with a note and wrapped in tissue in a tube. Shipping is €10 in Ireland. Any other shipping can be calculated quickly at my local post office and added. DM or email if you want to be the first to view these and I can send you an early link to my website or catalogue. Grá mór. xx
The image size is 21 cms H x 15 cms W and they are printed on cartridge paper that is slightly larger than A3 so it can be cut to any size to fit these standard frames from any shop A6 / A4 / A3. They are 1/1 prints and I am only releasing ten of them.

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