Béal Bán Fomo

Acrylic paint, chalk, tea, local pigments, sand, and ink on deep edge canvas framed in a hand-painted tray frame.  Protected with UV varnish. This painting is custom framed on a tray frame and hand-painted. Framed.

Dimensions: 50cms W x 40cms H (add 6cms all around for the frame) © Áine Ní Chíobháin 2022.


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Béal Bán Fomo


This piece took Béal Bán and Teampall Geall as inspiration.  It was a bit like warming up in the gym, sketching very freely to warm up the hand-eye coordinating and watching the waves roll in.  In the end, when I was warmed up it felt like my mark was on fire and every time I touched the canvas I was delighted with the result. This canvas has been around the block and back again and has its own stories to tell about the sea, mist, and reefs in terms of texture.  I just listened to that and applied some confident paint and line. I especially love the mist in this lovely piece and the splashes of colour and that magic golden tea drip on the reefs.  I hand-painted the frame to match the painting with a touch of porcelain and copper.  Yummy!

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