Barra na hAille

This painting is highly textured, and this makes it almost sculptural, and it has a lovely hand-crafted white tray frame on it. It is a luxurious feature piece or a talking point for any home, office etc. The warm aqua-marine colours are very relaxing to look at. Le cion.

Acrylic and oil paint on canvas. 

Dimensions: W 40″ x H 30″/ W102cms X H76cms © Áine Ní Chíobháin 2020.


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Barra na hAille


Mixed Media and Oil on canvas.  Frame adds an extra 12 cms all around.  The painting is framed.  Includes shipping worldwide.  This is a large painting of a calm transparent aqua-marine seascape by Cé Dhúnchaoin.  Barra na hAille means top of the cliffs.  When I worked with the ferry boats that go to the Blaskets or na Blascaoidí we used to say ‘Barra na hAille’ over the radio to get in touch with the ticket office at the top of the cliffs.  This painting is a view from the walk down to Dunquin Pier.  You can stop at a bench on the right and look down into the sea.  The sea is always an incredible colour here and kind of milky and the cliffs are epic.  I have always wondered about this view and there is a sense of excitement at the beginning of a journey to the islands.  I mixed so many layers and applied so many textures to this canvas over months.  It was a spiritual ritual.  I sanded it back and polished the cliffs so that they reflected light and applied a small glitch as a curiosity piece in the sea.  See if you can spot it.  I think I really nailed the transparency in the water and the rocks beneath.

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