Fire and Ritual on Bonna Night or Oíche Shín Seáin

A new collection of art is coming on the 20th of June 2024.  I will be releasing gorgeous and original artwork here on the site, and we will have a real-life party to celebrate in Bric’s pub.  Come join us. 

More information coming soon.  Here is an example of one of my ‘Hydrangea come here I want ya’ artworks.



My dreams have come true.


January blues or bliss?

For January I tried the whole not posting or scrolling on Instagram for a while buzz but that may have also been down to the fact that I live in a remote valley without a phone network. 
What have I learned from that experience? I was scrolling a lot less and that meant lots more drawing and reading time with plenty more time for dreaming and spacing out.

More drawing and dreaming and less scrolling.

This kind of way of being is essential for me for ideas to flow. The best ideas often come on trains, when trying to fall asleep or when driving the car. Yes, this can be awkward so a notebook or voice notes help to record these. Tom Waits notoriously got all his ideas in the car and kindly asked the divine inspiration to just hold off until he got home. .
Good tunes on the radio help too for more flow feelings but ya it has been gorgeous just drawing loads lately. It is so relaxing to just enjoy the process. 

I also just started a new screenprinting course in @limerickprintmakers. I have been promising myself I’d learn the process for about twenty years now! No joke. I love it. The above image is a collage of an etched heart angiogram with plenty of lovely distressed scratches. 

Then collaged onto the heart is an imaginative drawing of the gum trees in the Blue Mountains in Australia when I was on art residency in @wild_valley_art_park . The sketch image became a graphic tshirt for the band @grun_band and the collage original was sold at an exhibition with @dervla_o at An Lab a long while back when I was doing a lot of magic tree drawings. What a journey. .
The heart and tree reminds me of a friend who passed away last year and I’m tributing it to her because I never got to give her a copy.
This is also a tribute to of all my friends who love trees. Here’s to friends and trees!
Next week it is getting a revamp at the printmakers. See the second image?

I’m going neon pink & black with this one next week. So much fun! What do you think?
Le grá, Áine

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